Hornøya lighthouse

The easternmost lighthouse and bird colony in Norway
Built: Started before 1896
Restoration: Being planned
Developed by: Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Hornøya lighthouse is Norway´s easternmost point. This is the land of the birds where development has to take place in a respectful interaction with 50 000 nesting sea birds.

The attraction of Hornøya for people interested in birds, scientists, locals and tourists offers considerable unexploited business potential. Improved marketing and accessibility of the island as a destination has contributed to a strengthening of the local tourist industry.

Historically Hornøya was a part of Vardøhus fortress where the commander held the rights to collect eggs as part of his payment as commander. The island was strictly protected and egg thieves were met with real pistol shots.

Today visitors are welcomed in a far friendlier manner. More than one of the locals are working to make the unique landscape and the historical lighthouse available and accessible for more people. The lighthouse in itself is a part of the national coastal history where the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the Norwegian Coastal Administration encourage protection through use so that the coastal culture can be enjoyed by visitors and tourists alike.

  • Utflukt til Hornøya, Sogneprest Grasmo til venstre, ca. 1910-1920
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  • Fyret før det nye tårnet ble bygd.