Art and city development
Year: 2012, 2013 and 2016
Developed by: Pøbel

Komafest is an artistic project by the street artist Pøbel. He seeks to draw attention to depopulation, decay and local history through his art.

In 2012 he invited 13 internationally recognised artists to participate in an art project on 55 outside walls in Vardø city.

In 2013 Pøbel returned to the area to pilot an idea he had been considering about how to breathe life into disused shopfronts through the use of art. 150 locals from in and around Vardø were invited to submit their own drawings to the Pøbel gallery Bloodbank.

Pøbel’s projects have enjoyed great success, thanks to his ability to involve people around him and the local population in his art.

Together with the Northern Norwegian Art Center, Vardø Innovation and VARDØ RESTORED, Pøbel is preparing Komafest 2016, which will focus on taking the concept of art in empty store locations further.