The fishing quarter

Vestervågen has traditionally been home to the city’s fishermen. It gave them the easiest access to their boats and “egnebu”, or baiting sheds. The dock on the harbour side of the eastern pier provides the best fishing conditions and fishing boats and seagulls are still found aplenty.

This quarter evolved at the end of the 1800s around the main street Strandgata. Fisheries were established on the sea side. Business people and fish buyers influenced its growth and the houses and stores were teeming with life and activity. A number of the old fisheries were rebuilt in concrete following the devestation of the second world war. A number of the original surviving fisheries can still be found with egnebuer / baiting sheds, sløyeskur/gutting sheds and pakkhus/packing sheds.

There are a number of culturally significant buildings in Vestervågen ripe for future redevelopment.

Martin Olsen-bruket og Østre Molokrok are two fisheries where the owners plan to start restoration during 2014.

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