Northern Norway’s earliest streetscape

The first people to settle in Vardø around 700 years ago chose the area of Østervågen. The houses were typically small huts with one window in the roof. Studies of the ruins at Østervågen have revealed it to be the oldest city settlement in Norway north of Trondheim.

Today many local businesses are located at Husegården which has evolved into a cultural centre for creatives in Vardø. The city block around Husegården comprises a complex and interesting collection of historical and larger urban buildings, docks and Vardø´s old cinema.

A number of the owners in Østervågen are bringing creative ideas into their restorations. This could lead to a future cultural centre for Vardø in Østervågen. Could Østervågen be reborn as a the lively old centre of Vardø?

Husegården is one of the restored buildings in Østervågen.
  • Bioteatret. Traditional movie theatre from the 20s.
  • Østervågen viewed from the church tower. Year unknown.
  • Østervågen taken from the church tower. Year unknown.