Post-war architecture quarter

In Medtbyen meaning “Middle City” and the area around Strandgata, one finds one of Norway´s most characteristic city environments built in a post-war reconstructive style. This part of Vardø was severely damaged during the war and many of the city´s most important buildings were reconstructed. The church, city hall, business centres, offices and houses were erected in an authentically correct style. Slate roofs are typical as are colour schemes which inspire optimism.

The first section of Strandgata is today one of the most important business areas in Vardø. Most buildings have businesses on the ground floor and offices or apartments above. The broad street is also characteristic for the first part of Strandgata.

The former Trygdekontoret meaning “Office for Social Welfare” and Ingv. Valle in Strandgata are both representative business buildings from this era. Both of the buildings have dedicated owners who take pride in carrying out holistic restoration true to the post-war styling.

  • Valen med Rådhuset, slutten av 1950-tallet