Festningsgata og Belsen

The fortress quarter

Festingsgata og Belsen is the most well preserved neighbourhoods in Vardø, where such historic buildings as the Fortress, Grand hotel , Pomor Museum and the Brodtkorbsjåene can be found. The main streets which were also on the first drafted plans are Festningsgata, Bødkergata and Brennerigata.

Most of the streets and buildings which predate the war are connected in name to the fortress and trading house building Brodtkorb. The Brodtkorb family was one of Vardø’s most renowned business families around the turn of the century, tightly connected to the cross-border trade with Russia.

Today a variety of sights and services of interest to tourists are to be found in Festningsgata and Belsen. This is where the coastal ferry docks twice every 24 hours, where the legendary Nordpol Kro as well as the Fortress, Pomor Museum and Steilneset Memorial are located. In addition there is a dock side walking route completed in 2005 which takes in the ferry port, Pomor Museum and leads up to Steilneset.

Slippen offers an other example of a cluster of buildings with deep historical value in this quarter.

  • Festningsgata Belsen, fra kirketårn antattt 1957
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